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Important Infos

Bank Account Number

Bank account of DUEL-CORP Tanácsadó Zrt.:

Oberbank AG

Conditions for claim registering

• Requirements for the registration of the creditor's claim: a brief description of the quantified creditor's request and a copy of the supporting documents (contracts, accounts, performance certificates, bank account extracts, etc.)

• Payment of the registration fee to the competent court

According to the Liquidation Procedure (Cstv. 46.§ 7), the claims of a creditor can be accepted by the liquidator only if the creditor has already paid the approppriate amount of the registration fee and provides a confirmation about this financial transaction with the reference to the court's case ID. This amount is equal to 1% of the total summary of the claim, which is at least 5000 HUF and less or equal to 200000 HUF. The amount should be paid to a separate account kept by the court of the bailiff's office.

Deadline for claim submission (for creditors)

The deadline for reporting creditors' claims is set forth in the Act of Bankruptcy (Section 28, 1./f): 40 days from the date of publication of the order for liquidation. Claims filed over 40 days but within 180 days are registered as claims beyond liquidation deadline. In this case, claims that are overdue can only be satisfied after satisfying the claims which are filed within the deadline. According to the Act of Bankruptcy, claims given in after 180 days will not be satisfied.

Conditions for issuing an ineligibility certificate

According to the Act of Accounting (C/2000, Section 3 (4)/(C)) and the Act of bankruptcy and winding-up proceedings (XLIX/1991, Section 46 (8)), the liquidator can satisfy the creditor's inadmissible claims only if the creditor submits a copy of the related documents containing the amount of the claim. The creditor may state also that no further demands will be assigned after the date of the liquidation's start and there may be no intend to take part in the proceeding as a creditor. The creditor specifically requests the issuance of the ineligibility certificate and simultaneously proves the payment of reimbursement.

Fee of certificate of inadmissible claim: 2.000 HUF + VAT.

This fee should be paid to us (Bank Account Number: 18400010-03843192-00100012) by the creditor.

The liquidator sends the debtor's declaration of ineligibility to the creditor only after registering the payment of the reimbursement fee. The bill is attached to the certificate.